Woohoo….I Did It!!!

By Jeff Drake:

Hey, I did it!!! I’ve finally launched The Perfect Plan B blog!!! They say everything happens one step at a time….but good God already Jeff….”why did you wait so long??? Uh….I dunno??!!” That question and answer there in quotes my friends is something we’ll explore together in this blog…Why put off making positive change? Is it fear? Fear of risk? Fear of failing? Fear of what others will say? All that and more for me…It’s affected me tremendously in my life, maybe yours too…and a lot more than I’ve ever wanted to admit. I’ve allowed the procrastination station to hold me back Way Too Long. It’s way past time to shake it off. Appreciate you connecting with me…it’ll be a lot of fun and we’re going to learn and grow as we step out and challenge and ask ourselves: “How I can become the best me and achieve my Perfect Plan B???
Thanks again spending a minute with me!
Stay tuned!

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