What’s your personal philosophy on achievement?

By Jeff Drake:

What’s your personal philosophy?  Do you have one?  Do you fully embrace it every day?  It’s the governor of everything we do, or don’t do.  Your philosophy drives your behavior.  It’s absolutely a fact!  Great achievers in life have great governing philosophies. Examples:  “If it’s to be it’s up to me”.  “For me to have more I need to become more”.  “Leaders are readers…I will read so I can better lead”.  “I live by the Golden Rule”.  “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” (Jim Rohn).  “I was born to win, but in order to win, I must plan and prepare to win…then and only then can I expect to win” (Zig Ziglar).  They’re all fantastic, but have your really made one yours?  Whatever good and workable philosophy you embrace, it will drive your attitude…your attitude will drive your activity…your activity will drive your results!  “Successful people are simply people with successful habits” (Brian Tracy).  Let’s stay after it, ok?!

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