The Power of Association!

By Jeff Drake:

Recently I had the tremendous pleasure to attend Eric Worre’s GoPro event in Las Vegas.  It was absolutely powerful and beyond anything I could have imagined!  On top of a tremendous learning environment with incredible trainers and speakers including Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Ray Higdon, Brian Carruthers, Susan Sly, Mike Sims and many more…I had the great benefit of being able hang out with a lot of amazing people; speakers and attendees.  That kind of association is priceless in moving toward your goals.  One of the most impactful encounters for me was connecting with Eric Worre face to face during a social event one night while at the seminar.

I met Eric in 1999 and he mentored me in a business we were involved in together at that
time…however we lost contact about 2002, reconnected in 2009 by following Eric’s blog…then meeting face to face last month in Las Vegas was huge and filled with emotion for both of us!  It was a deep connection filled with encouragement, friendship and belief.  We all need someone who’s achieved great things to be breathing belief and encouragement into our lives to help us keep moving forward…we in turn need to do that for others, everywhere, all the time!  The pictures of Eric and I that I posted above speak a thousand words!  It was great to see you Eric!  Thank You Eric Worre, for your massive commitment to the success of others and for speaking belief and encouragement into me!

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