“Plan Do Review” Simple, Smart, Effective!

by Jeff Drake

“Plan Do Review” is a strategy I learned from Eric Worre….It’s a strategy to consistently improve at literally anything you do.  It’s very simple but one of the most POWERFUL concepts to improve your skills at anything.  Whether you have a goal to improve your communication skills, relationship skills, business skills, sport/athletic skills, really anything.  You just have to be purposed and pick something, then apply the process of Plan Do Review.  Think about it, seriously, if we’re not in a purposed process of improvement, in a lot of ways we’re kind of unconsciously like a hamster on it’s wheel!  Not good!  Maybe you’re ok with that, I don’t know…but there’s a lot of stuff I know that I need to improve at on that list above. I’ve got things that I want and NEED to improve in every one of those categories and more!!! How about you?  What’s an area of life or a skill you’d like to improve in.  Eric taught me this and I’m confessing right here that I really need to do a much better job of applying the strategy of Plan Do Review and I am starting now!

So what exactly are you supposed to do??….well here it is;  First pick something you want to get better at.  Commit to make time to apply yourself.  Make a PLAN, then DO the plan, then REVIEW the results.  See how you did, critique and assess your performance, the good, the bad, then step up your game and repeat the Plan Do Review process.  Each time you do this cycle, you’ll improve and if you stay with it, then in a relatively short time you’ll master the thing you’re Planning, Doing and Reviewing!  Most people might plan something, then just go out and do and not add the important step of reviewing.  The purposed process of Plan, Do, Review will catapult you ahead in whatever you apply it to!  Imagine for a minute how that might be helpful for you.  That’s exciting to think about, right?!  Ok, now go ahead and pick something important to you and try out Plan, Do, Review for a week and then come back here and comment, ok?  Thanks for reading along and challenging yourself to become an even better you!  Have a great day!

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