Go the Extra Mile!


By Jeff Drake:

It’s December, Happy Holidays!  It’s a beautiful, wonderful, busy and often crowded time of the year!  Some people like crowds, but maybe not everywhere, all the time, right??!!  One pretty sure fire way to avoid crowds in life is by “Going The Extra Mile” in all we do…it sets us apart and moves us into space that’s never crowded!  It’s a reminder that I can never reflect on enough…And it’s one of the best ways to finish this year strong.  Finish with a power push and launch yourself into the New Year!  We can all go a little farther and do a little more…in the midst of this busy, incredible, beautiful time of the year…remember, the point you’ve now reached on your action plan, on your project, on your goal or on your vision…whatever that point is right now….from here, you can always see a little further…so I encourage you to keep striving, stay active, keep going, don’t stop!  Here are a few favorite quotes that help me keep my emotions on the right path in December:

“If all you ever do is shine your light into the world…that will be enough!”

“Good things come to those who Believe, Better things come to those who are Patient and the Best Things come to those who Don’t Give Up!”

“Chance favors those in motion!”

“Regardless of what came before or what has yet to come, what’s important at this moment is how you choose to respond to what you face.  Will you stand up? Or will you lie down?  The Choice is Yours.  Always Choose to Finish Strong!”



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