Developing Belief in Yourself!

By Jeff Drake:

Overcoming limiting beliefs is absolutely the #1 reason people don’t take action on their dreams and goals.  It’s easy to identify and not so easy to overcome.  If it were easy to overcome, we’d live in a much different world! In the meantime, we’ve each got to work this out for ourselves…There’s knowledge and training that can reach masses of people all at the same time on how to overcome a limiting belief in ourselves…but each individual still has to work it out themselves…it’s the inner game I commented about in our “About Us” message.  I personally believe in a simple assessment.
If a person doesn’t have enough belief in themselves to take action, then their list of reasons to take action is just too short and too weak. That’s it.  When the reasons to believe overpower the reasons not to believe then positive action will take place.  It’s kind of like the working of a steam engine locomotive….the positive reasons to believe are like the increased building of heat that causes the water to boil that creates the steam that creates enough positive pressure for movement to occur….FACT: Very few people have enough powerful reasons to believe in themselves written down….most people have a total of about ZERO written down!  Why not take some positive action right now and begin a list reasons to believe in yourself and your potential.  Just write at least 5 down now.  It’ll only take a couple of minutes.  If you can’t think of any, send me a message and I’ll help you.  Yeah, even though I don’t know you yet, I can help you start a list.  You’re a human being and we’ve got a few things in common! 🙂  Nike says “Just Do It”.  Sir Richard Branson says “Screw it, Let’s Do It”!  Take your pick, but take action!

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