Closing the Gap between What We Do vs. What We Should Do.

We all have a “Gap” between what we should do and what we actually do.  Or another way to say it, what we know we’re capable of doing and what we really do.  We all know it and are aware of it!!!  We can look back on what we did or didn’t do and really beat ourselves up, right?!  Because we know we’re capable of doing better, doing more!  We’re hard on ourselves and might go on a negative self talk rant…inside our head we’re saying stuff like, “I”m such a procrastinator,  I messed up again,  I wasted the day, I’m never productive!”.  It’s easy to be hard on ourselves…it’s a habit for most of us, right?!  That’s one of the parts we need to change and can change and will change if we associate with those working on change and with those that have achieved substantial change in the way they think and perform.  The fact that we’re aware and are committed to change is a great start.  What will actually pull all of us toward closing this “Gap” between what we do vs. what we could or should do….is simply having enough reasons…having enough reasons, writing them down and then forcing ourselves to face them everyday will create a new paradigm in how we perform.  I challenge you to start a list of reasons, right now,  that will pull you to perform at a higher level.  I challenge you to dump the procrastination for 5 minutes and write your list of reasons now.  I’m doing it just as soon as I push the publish button on this post!  Thanks for taking a moment to read this and challenge yourself a bit!


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