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Save 1-2 hours a week: Do This!

By Jeff Drake

Check out my 1 minute video on something I just came across….cluttered email inbox?  Too much stuff you’re subscribed to….you don’t even remember subscribing to!!  You say it takes too much time to unsubscribe and it’s a pain?? Swipe Left. Swipe Right. You can even Swipe Up. Unroll.Me is one of the first applications I’ve found that will help you declutter a subscription congested mailbox.  Check out the video, click on the link to get the Unrollme app!  It’s a good one!!!  Comment if this is helpful!  Have an awesome week!  (scroll down to watch the video)

What do Santa Claus, Abe Lincoln & Lee Iacocca have in common?

By Jeff Drake

Would you agree with this statement?:  All 3, Santa, Abe and Lee are/were very, very good at taking action, overcoming obstacles and getting the job done.  Procrastination wasn’t a disease they succumbed to, that’s for sure!  I don’t know about you,  but why do so many people, (myself included at times)  remain controlled by and their dreams and potential limited by procrastination???  It can be a pretty complex subject to analyze on a broad scale.  However, for most people that “let” it control them, the solution is really pretty simple; when your reasons to take action are more powerful than your excuses, guess what… you take action!  Procrastination crushed!

So what’s the item in your life that deep down you’d really like to tackle?  To finally take action on?  Something that’s deeply meaningful to you?  Something that likely makes you uncomfortable to think about doing, but you know you want to do and more important for your own fulfillment in life, you need to do?!  Try this; Write it down on the top of a blank piece of paper…then use Ben Franklin’s method….draw a line down the middle of the page and on the left write down the reasons to do it and on the right list the reasons not to do it.  We all know about Ben’s strategy, but do you ever really do it?  Here’s what James Allen, author of “As a Man Thinketh” said, “Why? Why not?  Why not you?  Why not now?”  Now you’ve just spent a couple minutes reading this blog, so why not just get the paper out right now and spend a few more minutes and do this and have yourself a nice little Merry Christmas Breakthrough!  I hope you got value from this and it’s helpful…it sure is for me!  Share and like this if you did!  Have a Great Day!

Here are a few quotes from my list of “60 Procrastination Crushers”.  Get the complete list for free by subscribing to my blog:

“You may delay, but time will not.”  Benjamin Franklin

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”  Thomas A. Edison

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”  Walt Disney

“Everyone must choose one of the TWO PAINS: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”  Jim Rohn

Special “Thank You”  to Jackson Drake (my 8th grade son) for creating the thumbnail image for this post!

“Plan Do Review” Simple, Smart, Effective!

by Jeff Drake

“Plan Do Review” is a strategy I learned from Eric Worre….It’s a strategy to consistently improve at literally anything you do.  It’s very simple but one of the most POWERFUL concepts to improve your skills at anything.  Whether you have a goal to improve your communication skills, relationship skills, business skills, sport/athletic skills, really anything.  You just have to be purposed and pick something, then apply the process of Plan Do Review.  Think about it, seriously, if we’re not in a purposed process of improvement, in a lot of ways we’re kind of unconsciously like a hamster on it’s wheel!  Not good!  Maybe you’re ok with that, I don’t know…but there’s a lot of stuff I know that I need to improve at on that list above. I’ve got things that I want and NEED to improve in every one of those categories and more!!! How about you?  What’s an area of life or a skill you’d like to improve in.  Eric taught me this and I’m confessing right here that I really need to do a much better job of applying the strategy of Plan Do Review and I am starting now!

So what exactly are you supposed to do??….well here it is;  First pick something you want to get better at.  Commit to make time to apply yourself.  Make a PLAN, then DO the plan, then REVIEW the results.  See how you did, critique and assess your performance, the good, the bad, then step up your game and repeat the Plan Do Review process.  Each time you do this cycle, you’ll improve and if you stay with it, then in a relatively short time you’ll master the thing you’re Planning, Doing and Reviewing!  Most people might plan something, then just go out and do and not add the important step of reviewing.  The purposed process of Plan, Do, Review will catapult you ahead in whatever you apply it to!  Imagine for a minute how that might be helpful for you.  That’s exciting to think about, right?!  Ok, now go ahead and pick something important to you and try out Plan, Do, Review for a week and then come back here and comment, ok?  Thanks for reading along and challenging yourself to become an even better you!  Have a great day!

Jim Rohn Remembered….It’s already been 6 years on December 5th.

By Jeff Drake:

We lost Jim on December 5, 2009.  What a treasure of a human being, what a friend and mentor to millions of people.  This video with Les Brown shares a touching, moving message.  This was from Jim’s memorial service in December 2009.  I encourage you to watch and listen to Les’s 7 minutes of Love and Appreciation for Jim Rohn.  I hope you’re challenged, touched and moved by Les’s message and Jim’s legacy.  I believe you’ll enjoy this and be so glad you watched it.

[youtube id=”5L18jmrMIb0″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]


Go the Extra Mile!


By Jeff Drake:

It’s December, Happy Holidays!  It’s a beautiful, wonderful, busy and often crowded time of the year!  Some people like crowds, but maybe not everywhere, all the time, right??!!  One pretty sure fire way to avoid crowds in life is by “Going The Extra Mile” in all we do…it sets us apart and moves us into space that’s never crowded!  It’s a reminder that I can never reflect on enough…And it’s one of the best ways to finish this year strong.  Finish with a power push and launch yourself into the New Year!  We can all go a little farther and do a little more…in the midst of this busy, incredible, beautiful time of the year…remember, the point you’ve now reached on your action plan, on your project, on your goal or on your vision…whatever that point is right now….from here, you can always see a little further…so I encourage you to keep striving, stay active, keep going, don’t stop!  Here are a few favorite quotes that help me keep my emotions on the right path in December:

“If all you ever do is shine your light into the world…that will be enough!”

“Good things come to those who Believe, Better things come to those who are Patient and the Best Things come to those who Don’t Give Up!”

“Chance favors those in motion!”

“Regardless of what came before or what has yet to come, what’s important at this moment is how you choose to respond to what you face.  Will you stand up? Or will you lie down?  The Choice is Yours.  Always Choose to Finish Strong!”