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The Power of Association!

By Jeff Drake:

Recently I had the tremendous pleasure to attend Eric Worre’s GoPro event in Las Vegas.  It was absolutely powerful and beyond anything I could have imagined!  On top of a tremendous learning environment with incredible trainers and speakers including Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Ray Higdon, Brian Carruthers, Susan Sly, Mike Sims and many more…I had the great benefit of being able hang out with a lot of amazing people; speakers and attendees.  That kind of association is priceless in moving toward your goals.  One of the most impactful encounters for me was connecting with Eric Worre face to face during a social event one night while at the seminar.

I met Eric in 1999 and he mentored me in a business we were involved in together at that
time…however we lost contact about 2002, reconnected in 2009 by following Eric’s blog…then meeting face to face last month in Las Vegas was huge and filled with emotion for both of us!  It was a deep connection filled with encouragement, friendship and belief.  We all need someone who’s achieved great things to be breathing belief and encouragement into our lives to help us keep moving forward…we in turn need to do that for others, everywhere, all the time!  The pictures of Eric and I that I posted above speak a thousand words!  It was great to see you Eric!  Thank You Eric Worre, for your massive commitment to the success of others and for speaking belief and encouragement into me!

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What’s your personal philosophy on achievement?

By Jeff Drake:

What’s your personal philosophy?  Do you have one?  Do you fully embrace it every day?  It’s the governor of everything we do, or don’t do.  Your philosophy drives your behavior.  It’s absolutely a fact!  Great achievers in life have great governing philosophies. Examples:  “If it’s to be it’s up to me”.  “For me to have more I need to become more”.  “Leaders are readers…I will read so I can better lead”.  “I live by the Golden Rule”.  “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” (Jim Rohn).  “I was born to win, but in order to win, I must plan and prepare to win…then and only then can I expect to win” (Zig Ziglar).  They’re all fantastic, but have your really made one yours?  Whatever good and workable philosophy you embrace, it will drive your attitude…your attitude will drive your activity…your activity will drive your results!  “Successful people are simply people with successful habits” (Brian Tracy).  Let’s stay after it, ok?!

What is Discipline really?

By Jeff Drake:

I was at a conference a few weeks ago and Bob Proctor was one of the keynote speakers.  He deeply connected with the audience of over 7,000 people.  It was massively impactful for me.  He defined the word discipline for me in a way I’d never been taught.  He talk about discipline first with reference to what he used to think it was…he described being in the military and having to march for hours and some of the time holding his rifle over his head as he marched.  He hated it…they called it discipline.  That’s what he thought discipline was.  Later in life he discovered that was not truly discipline, it was really a form of external control and punishment.  “Success in any area of life calls for the right kind of discipline”‘, Bob said.  He went on to say something that’s worth writing down, pondering personally and finding the areas in your life where you can apply it….he said, “Discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it!”  Wow! Incredible!  I always had heard and read that Teddy Roosevelt was a huge believer in personal discipline and accountability.  Most all great achievers are it seems!!  That’s called a clue, right?! For me it’s not, “do I have an area in my life where I need to apply that?”, No, it’s a list of the areas in my life where I need to better apply this teaching….then prioritize that list, pick the absolute most important item and then “give myself a command and then follow it”!  Challenge, take a few minutes right now to write that list down and pick the most important item and then give yourself the command and then follow it!  I’m doing that right now!  Wishing you your very best!

Closing the Gap between What We Do vs. What We Should Do.

We all have a “Gap” between what we should do and what we actually do.  Or another way to say it, what we know we’re capable of doing and what we really do.  We all know it and are aware of it!!!  We can look back on what we did or didn’t do and really beat ourselves up, right?!  Because we know we’re capable of doing better, doing more!  We’re hard on ourselves and might go on a negative self talk rant…inside our head we’re saying stuff like, “I”m such a procrastinator,  I messed up again,  I wasted the day, I’m never productive!”.  It’s easy to be hard on ourselves…it’s a habit for most of us, right?!


Do you wish it was easier….or do you wish you were better?

By Jeff Drake:

Jim Rohn shared his incredible philosophies for all to embrace…One of his philosophies said, “Don’t wish it were easier, Wish you were better”.  He went on to say, “If you want to have more, you have to become more. For things to get better, you have to be better. For things to improve, you have to improve. For things to change, you have to change.”  When it comes right down to it’s ultimately about what we decide to do about our situation that creates change…we can’t go on letting our lives blow around in the wind, dependent and controlled by change imposed on us by outside forces…Jim said we have to take charge and direct our lives….however, he went on to say, “but I promise you, if you will change, then everything will change for you!”  I’m on it!  How about you?  Hope it’s helpful!  Have a great day!

Woohoo….I Did It!!!

By Jeff Drake:

Hey, I did it!!! I’ve finally launched The Perfect Plan B blog!!! They say everything happens one step at a time….but good God already Jeff….”why did you wait so long??? Uh….I dunno??!!” That question and answer there in quotes my friends is something we’ll explore together in this blog…Why put off making positive change? Is it fear? Fear of risk? Fear of failing? Fear of what others will say? All that and more for me…It’s affected me tremendously in my life, maybe yours too…and a lot more than I’ve ever wanted to admit. I’ve allowed the procrastination station to hold me back Way Too Long. It’s way past time to shake it off. Appreciate you connecting with me…it’ll be a lot of fun and we’re going to learn and grow as we step out and challenge and ask ourselves: “How I can become the best me and achieve my Perfect Plan B???
Thanks again spending a minute with me!
Stay tuned!