About Jeff Drake


About Perfect Plan B

Thanks so much for visiting my blog website!  My name is Jeff Drake.  I’m super blessed to have an incredible family…I’m married to my wonderful wife Jane and we have 3 amazing children, 1 daughter and 2 sons…all teenagers as I write this in November 2015. We enjoy living currently in Northern California.  I’m the president of a thriving handbag company that supplies product to most of the major mid-tier retailers in the USA.  I also am a passionate entrepreneur with various business interests.  All of these things together keep me excited and driving forward in life!

I set up this site called Perfect Plan B with the purpose of connecting with others like me, that have an interest and hunger to continually challenge themselves in the area of personal development.  The kind of people who are drawn to improving what one of my mentors, Eric Worre calls “The Inner Game”, which is the way we think.  With the focus on engaging daily in working on ourselves to re-wire parts of our thinking that don’t serve us….that limit us and hold us back.   That’s what I call developing yourself to create your own best Perfect Plan B.  Here’s my big confession, the very act of stepping out and setting up this site with the goal of connecting with other like minded people who want to stretch, change and grow is really creating a powerful vehicle for my own growth and transformation and my own Perfect Plan B!  I’m anticipating great things for all of us as I stretch my comfort zone and share that process with you!  I hope the journey is as powerful for you as I’m anticipating it will be for myself and those I’m closest to!

Looking forward to connecting with you in a powerful and transformational way!

Your friend,

Jeff Drake